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Catching up with Masters runner Bryan!

Early in the 2023 race, Bryan makes the turn onto Washington Blvd from the Broad St bridge.

Why the Columbus 10K: I love the longstanding, local tradition of the Columbus 10K.

Training: I'm currently training for the Carmel Marathon. After the marathon I will take a little bit of downtime, and start to ramp back up with some 10k specific stuff. So far, training has been going very well. 

Favorite Part of the Course: My favorite part of the course is definitely that final turn that takes you toward the finish. 

Goals for the race: My goal this year is to stay competitive and work on maintaining better consistency with my splits, while also being able to cover moves if/when needed.

Favorite Tune Up Workout: My favorite go-to workouts are probably 1K repeats and 10 x 800s. 

Race Morning: My typical race morning looks like this: wake up 2 hours before the race, breakfast of bagel with PB, almond milk, and coffee. I go for a short warm up with strides about a half hour before the race, a few more strides before heading to the corrals, then have some fun!


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