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Refund/Transfer Questions

  • What is the refund policy? Refunds are not available, but we do have bib exchange opportunities available to you through May 28, 2024 (see below)

  • Can I change races? Event transfer is available between all 10K events through May 28, 2024. See the help topic for details.

  • Can I transfer my bib? Yes, through May 28, 2024. See the help topic for details.

Race/Course Logistics

  • What is the course? We are working with the City of Columbus to bring you another great course at our new North Bank Park location. You can view our course here!

  • Can I walk the race? We welcome walkers! All 10K finishers must maintain a minimum 23:00/mi pace.

  • What's the time limit for the race? The Kids Race has a time limit of 15 minutes for the 1/2-mile course. The 10K has a time limit of 2 hours and 23 minutes for the 6.2-mile course. This equates to a minimum pace of 23:00/mi. Please contact us using the "Questions?" button on the main page if you have any questions about our time limits.

  • Are wheelchairs permitted? Please contact the event using the "Questions?" button on the main page to inquire about wheeled athlete participation. We welcome wheeled athletes, we just need to know you're coming so we can plan with public safety appropriately.

  • Will the miles be marked on the course? Yes, the miles will be marked at every mile with tall 12' flags.

  • Will there be aid stations on the course? There will be multiple AEP Ohio Power Up Stations located on the 10K course, one at ~1 mile, halfway, and just past mile 5. All aid stations will have water and sports drink. There are no aid stations on the Kids Race course. If you need additional water or sports drink, we recommend bringing your own items.

  • Will there be portable bathrooms on the course? Yes, there will be portable restrooms at North Bank Park as well as on the course at Schiller Park.

  • Are headphones of any kind allowed in the events? Headphones are permitted, we do ask that you please listen at a volume to allow you to hear instructions from volunteers and public safety officials. The only exception to this rule is elite athletes (any athlete competing for prize money) – they are not allowed to use iPods or personal listening devices of any kind.

  • Are strollers allowed? Yes, strollers are allowed. Please start at the back of the field and use all appropriate caution.

  • Are roller skates, inline skates, bikes, or pets allowed to participate in the events? Due to the size and nature of this event, none of these are allowed. If you are caught on the course with any of these, you will be directed off the course.

  • How is the 10K race timed? The 10K race is electronically timed using race|result bibtag chip systems. DO NOT remove/bend/fold/mutilate the timing tag from the back of your bib number. Camera and manual backup systems are also utilized, please ensure that your number is easily visible from the front. The AEP Ohio Kids Race is not timed.

  • My GPS says I ran shorter/longer than 6.2. Are you sure the course is accurate? Yes. Our 10-kilometer course is sanctioned and USATF-certified (OH23003DH). GPS devices are wonderful training tools but are not accurate enough for course measurements. Our course certifier utilizes a calibrated bicycle computer and tangents to accurately measure our course. Even if you had a perfectly accurate GPS device, you should expect it to record a distance slightly longer than the official length. When you factor in the crowds and the water stops, it is nearly impossible to run the shortest possible path that the course certifier takes when measuring. Tall buildings, GPS drift, and tight turns can also alter what your device shows you. 


General Questions

  • What is the official race t-shirt? T-shirt is a short-sleeve, tri-blend fabric and they come in unisex and women's sizes. Upon selection of this year's shirt, we will have a size chart viewable during your registration path. If you need to change your t-shirt size, you can follow the help topic here.

  • What is the official race medal? Check out our medals page to see our three-year medal series (2024-26). 

  • Where and when is packet pick-up? See our packet pickup details section for more specifics as they're confirmed. Additionally, runners may pick up their packets at the pickup tent in North Bank Park on race day. Online registration is available through June 1, 2024, or when the race sells out (at present, the race cap has not been set). NO registration is available on race day.

  • Can someone else pick up my packet? Can I pick up someone else's packet? Yes, whoever is picking up will be required to provide the names of each individual they're picking up. 

  • I'm interested in volunteering, how can I sign up? Visit our Volunteering Page for more information and registration.

  • Where should I park? There is ample parking in the Arena District near North Bank Park. If you are unfamiliar with the area, please view this helpful website put together by the Arena District: - Pay attention to all parking signs and restrictions. The Columbus 10K is not responsible for any improperly parked vehicles.

  • What will the temperature be on race day? Average temperatures in early June range from a low of 58F to a high of 79F.

  • What will I receive when I cross the finish line? Everyone who completes the 10K or Kids Race will receive a finisher medal. Virtual race registrants will all receive a medal.

  • What if I am late to the start line? Unfortunately, we cannot delay the race start for late participants.  All races will run on time and no late starts will be allowed.

  • Will an official race photographer be at the event? Yes, photos will be available for free after the race on our website.

  • Will there be an after-party? We have an amazing Finish Line Festival at the AEP Ohio Columbus 10K. We have live music, great vendors, and beer from Nocterra Brewing.

  • Does this event have awards? All Kids Race and 10K finishers will receive medals upon completion of their event. There are also top finisher and age group awards for the 10K. Details on medals and top finisher awards are available here.

Virtual Race Details

Although we at the AEP Ohio Columbus 10K love operating actual in-person races we recognize this is not an option for everyone. The purpose of this event is to give runners something to look forward to while getting some awesome swag, all while raising funds for families in need.

Future Race Dates
Our future race dates (subject to change) are: 

  • June 8, 2025

  • June 7, 2026

  • June 6, 2027

  • June 4, 2028

Virtua Race Details
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