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For our 2024 event, the AEP Ohio Columbus 10K will be adding a separate category for Visually Impaired (VI) athletes. Based on outreach from interested participants, this new category has been added to highlight the abilities of those with vision loss, inspire those with vision loss to participate in our race, and provide a great hometown race for the visually-impaired athlete community in central Ohio.


We will provide an award to the top overall VI finisher by gun time in each of the following categories: male, female, non-binary. These awards can be collected on race day at the check-in/awards tent.

Who qualifies to be in the visually impaired division?

Visual acuity of 20/200 or worse or a visual field of less than 20 degrees in the better eye with the best practical eye correction. Both eyes must meet this standard. Athletes who register for the Visually Impaired Division will be required to provide a letter certifying that they are at least “legally blind.” This could be a letter from a doctor or rehabilitation specialist. Post-registration, a request for proof will be made directly to the athlete. Athletes not able to provide proof will be transferred to the open 10K Run/Walk division.

It’s not unusual for people to think they are visually impaired when they see this category offered during registration. While they may have a vision impairment, they would not necessarily meet the criteria for legal blindness. Even if someone is totally blind in one eye, if their other eye does not meet the criteria for legal blindness as well, they would not qualify. 

What About Sighted Guides?

VI participants will be responsible for coordinating their sighted guide. Upon registration of the VI athlete, instructions will be provided to the VI athlete to register their sighted guide. Sighted guides wishing to receive an event t-shirt, medal, etc., will be required to pay the registration fee. Sighted guides participating only to serve the VI athlete will be provided a code to get registered with only the basic requirements needed and no swag provided.

VI athlete Philip Ashley
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