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Catching up with Elite runner Max!

Updated: Apr 10

That's Max on the left of the picture getting ready to make his move!

Why the Columbus 10K: The Columbus 10K epitomizes what a local race should be. Running the same streets we train on, the support from friends, and the overall atmosphere that this race has cultivated are unlike any other race I have experienced in Ohio. It is one that I have on my schedule every year no matter where I am in training.

Training: Training has been going well this Spring. I am currently building back up after coming off a solid race at the Greenville Half Marathon in South Carolina. My target race this spring is the Bayshore Half Marathon up in Traverse City, Michigan. The 10K is the week after, and I am super excited to line up in Columbus for a fast 10k following a strong half marathon build.

Favorite Part of the Course: My favorite part of the course has always been the section around Schiller Park. This is the halfway mark on the course, and always the point where you can tell who the true contenders are going to be. This is a great part to test others, and it's a familiar spot from training so I always take comfort in knowing the area well!

Goals for the race: Coming into this race, the number one priority is always to finish in the top 5. The Columbus 10K always brings in such a competitive field of local runners, so focusing on tactics rather than a specific time has always played out more favorably for me. I have been fortunate enough to end up in the Top 5 in two of the last three times I have run the 10K, and am hoping to add another to that list this year! All that being said, a personal best along the way would be nice.

Favorite Tune Up Workout: When it comes to a tune up workout, I always think less is more. When it comes to the week of the race, all the work is already done. All that is left to do is get the legs feeling sharp and not overdo anything. For me, a go-to is 3-5 x 1k repeats at a comfortable effort (around half marathon pace) followed by 4-5 shorter and quicker reps between 200m-300m to get the legs feeling ready to go!

Race Morning: I am a creature of habit, and I like to keep things the same on race day, no matter the race distance. I will typically get a 10 minute shakeout run in about 3.5-4 hours before race time to wake up the body and get the morning going. Shakeouts are a great way to activate the body and mind ahead of your actual warm up/race prep, and something I have done since college. After this I will eat a light breakfast of oatmeal or toast, a banana, and coffee. For the actual warm up before the race I typically jog 15-20 minutes easy 50 minutes out from gun time. After that, I'll go with some drills and mobility, strides, and then it's race time!


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