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Catching up with Elite runner Joost!

Why the Columbus 10K? I chose the Columbus 10K because it gave me the opportunity to get race in to kick off a nice summer of training. I get to compete without thinking of expectations or time goals, just go out and race people while enjoying the weekend.


How has training been going/training updates? Training has been decent! I picked up again in April after taking some downtime post-trials, some ups and downs with a lower leg issue early into the block but I'm putting together workouts and hoping to sort of "rip the band aid off" with a fun race.


What is your favorite part of the course? This is my first time running the Columbus 10K so I don't have any favorite bits of the course yet!


What are your goals for the race? My only goal is to throw myself out there and compete, this early into training I don't want to fixate on times yet, just enjoying some racing to break up training


What is your favorite tune-up workout/general 10K workout? More of a 5k tune up but 6×k @ 5k goal pace w/ 2-3min rest will definitely get the confidence up for race week.


What is your typical race morning schedule? I want to be up at least 3.5 to 4 hours before the gun, after that it's some loosening up stretches along with coffee and a light breakfast. Prefer to be at the race location ~90mins before so I have plenty of time to get comfortable and not worry about traffic. Until about ~45-60min before I'll be lounging around, then it's warm-up drills, warm-up yog, and race mode we go. After that it's any last bathroom breaks, a stride here or there, and just staying loose and goofy.


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