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Catching up with Elite runner Erin!

Erin looking strong mid-race!

Why the Columbus 10K? I’ve heard great things about this race but I’ve never done it or any other race here in Columbus. I love the running community here and want to do my first big road race in my home city. I’m loving getting into road racing and couldn’t resist signing up.

How has training been going/training updates? Training went great all spring and I just raced my debut Marathon at the Flying Pig in Cincinnati. I’ll do a very short buildup for the 10k after I recover from that, but I’m feeling healthy and loving it.

What is your favorite part of the course? I’ve never run this course before so I’m not sure!

What are your goals for the race? I would love to set a personal record, that’s usually my top goal. But I just raced a marathon so I would say my biggest goal here would be to race smart and have a great time doing a Columbus race.

What is your favorite tune up workout or general 10k workout? My favorite workout is mile repeats. I also love long tempos.

What is your typical race morning schedule? My schedule includes eating oatmeal and a banana, drinking beet juice mixed with some Nuun and water, braiding my hair, sometimes doing a short jog or some stretches and making sure not to forget sunscreen! I calm my nerves by listening to music or talking with friends or family who are with me. 


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