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Catching up with Elite runner Emily!

Updated: Apr 10

Speeding past Schiller Park in 2023, here's Emily near the halfway point!

Why the Columbus 10K? I like the Columbus 10K because it is a quick drive away from Dayton, and the 10k is my favorite distance on the road (and the track!). It's also a wonderful way to compete against fast, local talent in Ohio, and it's a great way to kick off summer training.

How has training been going/training updates? I'm returning from a few injuries in late fall and winter with my hip and hamstring, and I am looking forward to a healthy Cherry Blossom 10 miler this coming weekend. Right now, I'm feeling healthy and strong and hope to keep this momentum going for the Columbus 10K in June.

Favorite part of the course? My favorite part of the course is the finish line because there is always a great crowd lining the homestretch, and the energy pushes you across the line. There's a slight downhill then a slight uphill; that, coupled with the crowd's energy makes it challenging and fun.

Goals for the race? I hope to be healthy and strong at the start of the race and compete with other quick runners around me. I need to intentionally engage mentally during mile 4, so I can keep momentum going into the final miles of the race. 

Favorite tune-up workout/general 10k workout? My favorite tune-up workout for a 10k is a progression built into a longer run of 12-13 miles, with the goal to notch down the pace to faster than 10k pace the last couple miles of the progression.

Typical race-morning schedule? I must have coffee and a bagel with peanut butter, so it's an early start to digest the fuel and do activation exercises so my muscles are primed to run fast. About 45ish minutes from the start of the race, I'll warm-up 2-3 miles and do some quick strides. Then, I'll take a gel right before the gun goes off.


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