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Catching up with Elite runner Sam!

Here's Sam finishing a strong 7th at last October's Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon!

Why the Columbus 10K? I had a great experience with the Columbus Marathon and love the city of Columbus, so when I saw the opportunity to run the Columbus 10K I knew I had to take it!

How has training been going/training updates? Training has been going great! This training block I have PR'd in the 5k, 8k & 10k unofficially, and the Half Marathon. I've also ran my longest mileage week ever of 105 miles. I won the London OH Marathon in April and am going to run the Flying Pig as well.

What are your goals for the race? I would like to perform well and hopefully get a PR. I'm going to go all out at the Flying Pig, which is pretty close to this race, so most importantly what I'm looking for is to have fun! 

What is your favorite tune up workout or general 10k workout? I like 5 x Mile @ 10K pace with 3 min standing rest between. I feel really fast and like an absolute beast whenever I do this workout.

What is your typical race morning schedule? Wake up, eat breakfast (oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter bagel), put on my race uniform which I laid out the night before, travel to the event, warm up, get to the start line, try to stay calm while the clock is counting down, kill it at the race.


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