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Catching up with Masters runner Carrie!

Carrie breaking the tape at the 15K Heart Mini in March 2024!

Why the Columbus 10K? I recently just moved back to Cincinnati in February after 16 years away! One of the races I did when I lived here before was the Columbus 10K, I still have vivid memories of how well organized and competitive it was, I was a HUGE fan. So in the circle of life, I am just excited to come back and give it a whirl as a masters now! I also run for Cincinnatus Elite and it's part of the series we compete in, so yea I'd love to help out there too!

How has training been going? It was going swimmingly until I jammed my pinky toe into our bed recently and now it's REALLY black and blue, but by June? GOOD TO GO lol!

Favorite part of the course? Is it ok to say the finish line? (Race Director's note: OF COURSE!)

What are your goals for the race? I want to help my team (Cincinnatus Elite) compete and add some points to the board, and podium as a masters runner.

What is your favorite tune up workout/general 10k workout? My coach always has me do 5x 800/300 the Wednesday before a race. After so many years with him I think when I do that my brain and body know it's "go time" soon!

What is your typical race morning schedule? 2 hours before race wake up, do my morning mobility routine, dress, head downstairs, UCAN shake + Bagel, get to race, warm-up 3 miles, strides, change into fast shoes, take a UCAN gel 15 minutes before, and then GO TIME!


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