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Catching up with Elite runner Zach!

Updated: Apr 30

Zach Zimmerman at mile 3 in 2023.
Zach looking solid near the halfway point in our 2023 race

Why the AEP Ohio Columbus 10K? The Columbus 10K was my first real race that got me excited to be a runner post college. It is an incredible time running in downtown Columbus getting to see both the city and German village. It also is placed perfectly at the beginning of the summer to help assess fitness before heading into the summer/fall months.

How has your training been going? Up to this point in the year, training has been primarily focused on running the Boston Marathon. After having a great performance there (editor: Zach ran a 2:36:44 marathon!) I feel ready to start working on speed and getting faster

What is your favorite part of the course? It absolutely has to be running around Schiller Park. The people watching from their houses plus the shade the trees offer halfway through the race make it incredible.

What are your goals for this year's race? I've placed 2nd, 7th, and 6th respectively the last three years I've raced the Columbus 10K. With the field becoming more competitive I would love to finish in the top 3 again and if the moment is right strive for a win!

What is your favorite tune up workout or general 10k workout? Mile repeats are probably the best test of fitness for the 10k I think. It allows you to be experimental with paces and maybe give yourself some confidence with running a faster pace while also letting the body recover briefly enough.

What is your typical race morning schedule? Wake up and get a breakfast of yogurt, toast with PB and a fruit, drive to the course early to do an extended dynamic warmup, 2-3 mile shakeout, then head to the start line to run some strides!


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