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Catching up with Masters runner Kris!

Masters runner Kris Pierson
Looking forward to that final mile in 2022, here's Kris flying up High St!

Why the Columbus 10K? I like the Columbus 10k because it’s local and a great opportunity to catch up with other runners from the area. 

How has training been going? We’ll soon find out. I'm coming back from a 2-month hiatus after a bike accident just after the 2023 Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon this past October. I'm feeling like I’m getting my fitness back but haven’t raced since the Dublin Irish Festival 5K last August. 

Favorite part of the course? Definitely the finish line because it marks the end of the pain and suffering of racing hard. I never pay much attention to my surroundings or the course when racing because I am so focused on my performance and how I feel in the moment. 

Goals for the race? I'm hoping to better manage the race this year by not trying to force the pace right out of the gate and burning out too early. I tend to start 10k races off too hard then need to back off pace and fight to hang on to the finish line.

Favorite tune up workout/general 10k workout? Nothing in particular these days, but in the past I used to do 3x2mi @ 10k pace to prepare. 

Typical race morning schedule? Coffee, banana, energy bar, and tailwind 2-3 hours before the start time. 1-mile warmup with some strides before the race.


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