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Catching up with Masters runner Paige!

Here's Paige finishing the 2023 AEP Ohio Columbus 10K!

Why the Columbus 10K? I have run the Columbus 10k 10 or so times. It's a perfect big competitive race with a comfortable hometown feel.

How has training been going/training updates? Could be better! I'm 41 with three kids and a job so I can't get in the miles or speed like I used to, but I've been consistently back to running most days for a couple years now so that's a good feeling.

Favorite part of the course? Finally seeing the finish line! 10k is a tough race to push fast for so long. I hope there is ice cream again this year.

What are your goals for the race? I'd like to get back under 40 minutes as an overall goal, depending on weather. Process wise, I'd like to run a strong 4th mile and push hard in the 5th mile so I am extra desperate for the finish line (see last question!).

What is your favorite tune up workout/general 10k workout? A basic vanilla tempo run.


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